Night Shift

Night shift

A CLI for configuring "Night Shift" on macOS. 🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑

./zig-out/bin/night-shift -h
     ./zig-out/bin/night-shift [OPTIONS] [--] <command>

 Available commands by category:
 Manual on/off control:
   status                   View current Night Shift status
   on                       Turn Night Shift on
   off                      Turn Night Shift off
   toggle                   Toggle Night Shift

 Color temperature:
   temp                     View temperature preference
   temp  <0-100>            Set temperature preference

   schedule                 View current schedule
   schedule sun             Start schedule from sunset to sunrise
   schedule off             Stop the current schedule
   schedule <from> <to>     Start a custom schedule(HH:mm, 24-hour format)

	-v, --version                     Print version
	-h, --help                        Print help information